About Credible ECS

About Us

Credible e-commerce Solutions is branch of TEEJAN in India.

Credible e-commerce Solutions is a Saudi based firm specialized in e-commerce, and software assessment & development. The company was established to be a strategic partner for its clients in the various stages of their technical and operational phases and to play a key role in their mission and work to reach the objectives of Vision 2030 in Saudi Arabia.

TEEJAN was founded by Mr. Talal A. Ajina, and Mr. Majed N. Aldowayan in 2016, and based in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. Both founders had past experiences in establishing companies and came from different educational backgrounds that formed TEEJAN’s basis and values. The company concentrated on hiring the top talents that are specialized experts in what they do.

The main purpose of establishing TEEJAN is to fill the void in the field of e-commerce development along with its supported services. Where we aspire to lead and push the industry to advanced levels in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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